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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky 13

Happy new year all. We spent the eve's festivities at home, laid out sick, watching basketball and foot ball. Well I was actually watching sports, John was in and out of consciousness, as he fought off a 102 fever.- From Facebook:

 Its official- the sickies have been with us for one full week. Sam is better, Gabe is on the mend- but still has a horrible cough. John is the worst off.....we are pretty certain its the flu....i have had a constant low grade fever since Friday Johns has spiked to 102 a few times. Each day it seems the symptoms change....high fever with runny nose, now deep cough with lower fever and sinus pressure...ugh!!!!

Thoughts on 2012:
2012 was so hard because it was a year of growth and growing isnt always easy. Our newest son got repaired feet and can now walk without extreme pain. I made the decision to leave teaching full time in exchange for an awesome job at Sustainable Carolina. I have had more time for my boys. We have chosen to add to our family- and eagerly await more growth in 2013. A new daughter, a new home, a new school for Sam and i will be ABD by the end of 2013
*we did already add a new member, one i failed to mention- Ruby Mae, a super sweet rescue- and although she didn't work out with Meg's awesome clan in NC- we are so happy she is with us. She and my Boston Terrier are the best of friends and are constantly tearing through the yard, chasing and playing.

Sam has spent a great deal of time in PJs as hes battled the flu

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  1. So sorry you guys are sick! Ugh, it's been crazy-awful this year! Hope you're on the mend SOON!