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Saturday, September 22, 2012

New ventures in OT, speech and a trip to Charleston

I have been loving my job/assitsantship and even though i feel like i cant get it all done in 20 hours a week, i feel i am learning and contributing a good deal and the people are super great. This week I was able to attend a "green is good for business" conference and meet some cool people, catch up with people i haven't seen in a while. Sam is adjusting more to school and making good choices. We have completed the screening for speech and have began the Sensory OT evaluations- which we will go to once a week for a while until Sam has his sensory diet/interventions written out and we can adjust his IEP accordingly. We are trucking along but still need to have a meeting with the PE teacher to address some issues there, especially since he needs PE. I am trying to be optimistic. After the issues that arose last week there are still statements and forms i have to submit because of the FERPA breach. A dear friend of mine who works with certain key education committees with the state department of education, and is also a professor for early childhood ed nearly had a fit last night when i finally told her what happened. I delayed telling her because i know she would seriously be irate about this issue and advocate for us to the "top"-  I just firmly believe that this should be a teachable moment for other parents who have children with special needs, and to educate parents about the rights of their children. I also suggest that an email audit be done, which is a likely occurrence. Although I doubt i would be informed about any findings of the audit. As long as the district and admin know and can follow up with the correct actions, I will be happy with that.
Anyhow, we got our biometrics completed- and we got a health report on K- and things look good for her. We are excited but guarded, preparing for a variety of situations. So happy to have the DVDs from the ETC conference :)

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