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Friday, July 27, 2012

Home-study In Hand and befuddled

Woohoo new, updated home study in hand. I am happy to be able to apply for our finger prints and get our dossier kick-started next week. Anyhow, I am not befuddled due to our home study. I have some big decisions to make about my graduate program and research. I need clarity about so much- grants, dissertation topics, research design. A large part of me has a desire to research medium of instruction and curriculum development by schools that are established by NGO's, specifically in Ethiopia. Sometimes i feel like that could be very doable, and then other times it seems colossal. So I need to make some inquiries and such about grants. I have this antsy feeling- that always comes with the start of a new semester (meaning my graduate school)- This year i have no excuses, I am taking off work to devote time to my graduate program and to the i have to firm this up soon. However I was so lucky to have an extended 4 hour coffee break with a great lady who helps to bring clarity and help me make sense of graduate school, and life in general- and that helped clear my head and also gave me some great starting points for research funding :)
We are hoping for some kind of update on K, which we havent received- and that also has me on edge as well. John and I are lucky to have a night out tonight- with very little planned :). The boys will be at the Taekwondo studio for Parents Night Out! woo hoo...i am hoping and praying they don't have to call me about Sam. He has been biting :( - mainly Gabe, when they are wrestling.....but still.

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