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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hes been mine for 6 months!

Yesterday marked the 6 month mark since I took custody of!! It feels like forever and last week all at once. Sam has come so far and become so wonderful. Our attachment is great, and he love shis brother and even though he likes to "act up" with his dad- like telling him to go to "time out" or calling john a "stinky boy"- he loves john too. We have started looking back at his pictures, and family books as well as pictures from other family's travels to get thier children. He loves seing the mountains and donkeys! There is a string possibility that if i decide to do my research internationally that I will be bacj in Ethiopia. I wish to study the curriculum being developed for a new language policy Ethiopia has for using tribal languages in primary grades. I told John that if i go back for a semester- two things will likely happen 1.) I want Sam to come for part of it 2.) I wont be able to leave with out adopting another child !  So i am sure John knows what could be in store for us, or does he :) heheh
Sam's legs are looking great- and Johns birthday is this weekend. However, we dont have all the kids with us this weekend. So next weekend we are going to Great Wolf Lodge  to celebrate Johns b-day and Sam's 6 months home!!


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