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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

stressful crazy

i have been MIA as of late....i am so thankful to be on Xmas break- but it got off to a pretty tragic start. John got off work early on Thursday, picked up Sam and came home to find our house broken into and not only that, our beloved 12 year old Malamute, Scully, was dead. I was devestated. The burglars mainly took the game systems, games and a few presents, plus broke two windows. I am hoping Scully's death was just a horrific coincedence, and hoping she wasnt poisoned or tazzed....i just hope and pray she wasn't in pain. We couldnt afford the $800 autopsy, and have since buried our wonderful doggy. Shde was so gentle and sweet, yet a firecracker- always trying to dig out and run the neighborhood, see her friends and make mischief.

We will miss you so much


  1. Oh my gosh! So, so sorry to hear this! Glad to hear you guys are all safe!

    Enjoy your winter break and many wonderful Christmas wishes to your family!
    Leah Ann

  2. So so so sorry. Such an an invasion, and so hard to forget. Our home was broken into a few years ago on mother's day....I still cannot shake it sometimes. So sorry about your dog. Thankful the rest of your family is safe.

  3. I am so so sorry....hoping your Christmas is a peaceful one.