Saturday, August 30, 2014

Much over due!

We are now celebrating our three year anniversary with Sam and July 7th was our one year family-versary for Kidist. We are doing really well. We have had our challenges this last year- and have really come out on top. I have invested a great deal of time and energy tried my best with work- having been given the opportunity to help with the development of some wonderful and innovative charter schools. In the end, I am now a new administrator of a really unique Chinese/Mandarin immersion school. Sam has also had some issues with his academic growth and development. Yet we are dealing with them as best as we can. We have had a really great OT who does work with his legs and his sensory issues at his school. We have fine tuned medication for him and hes behaving wonderfully. We have had wonderful trips to see family in Ohio and Florida.We have also spent a great deal of time at Carowinds and different fun camps this summer. Gabe is doing wonderfully- in the midst of Pokemon Fever! Kidist has been such a happy and healthy girl- who is super sweet and social- making friends so easily.  She is also always asking about having a sister- ha! She  has proven to be a super talented soccer player. We had bone scans and dental exams for both....and we have some decisions to make with their ages. These results are somewhat revealing...showing Sam to actually be a bit younger and Kidist to be older. So we have been able to talk with our social worker, other adopted parents and with Sam and Kidist specifically. There is a high probability ages will be altered- Sam is excited to be "be 6 again" he says over and over, and is repeating 5K anyway. Kidist has often told us she is much older, even as old as ten. The more she is able to communicate about her past, the more we wish to honor it. She will officially be ten in January. I am not certain how I feel about them being further apart in age, but I do think its the best thing. Kidist and Gabe seem much more developmentally close, and have such a highly competitive streak, that its almost cute :)
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